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Friday, October 11, 2019

Interpretation of Learning Disability Assessments

Learning Disabilities: Presenter – Patricia Charter-Flores

9am-4pm, Bixby 3 & 4

Please join us for a full day workshop examining case studies to further develop interpretation skills in using the Intake, behavioral observations, and test results to improve student efficiency and effectiveness in learning.  For students with learning disabilities the use of accommodations is often not enough to improve learning or success in classes.  The development of the student’s self-knowledge from the interpretation of testing can lead to improvement in critical thinking, problem solving, and the use of strategies during their learning and in life.  This workshop will begin by making connections between the tests and behavioral observations, interpretation of scores, and use information from the Intake to confirm strategies and accommodations for the student to begin using.  The outcome will be to have handouts and experiences that guide quick interpretation of test results for the LD Specialist and the student.  Tips on using comprehensible language with the student will be provided. 

Admission: $70.00

 $20 Food Voucher to be included in cost of admission

Enhancing and Transforming Disability Resources – Strategies & Practices

Program Management: Presenters – Tom Thompson, TMLS Consulting, Rosalind Blackstar, Ass’t Director, Cal State Univ, Fullerton and Richard Allegra, Director Professional Development, AHEAD

9 am-4:30 pm, Bixby 5

This session will focus on transforming Disability Resources and campus accessibility through focusing on staff, service delivery systems, effective outreach and departmental operations.  The facilitator will draw on experiences at three campuses, each of which made significant changes.  Co-presenters will talk about their role in promoting changes and developing improved supports and services.  The three campus “case studies” include a large university, a multi-campus, private college and a large university campus that started as a technical college and is now a four year institution. Participants will be able to adapt the methods and strategies shared, to make changes on their own campuses and will have an opportunity to discuss with colleagues and the presenters the challenges they face on their own campuses.

Admission: $75.00

$20 lunch voucher to be included

Individualized Approaches Coming Together to Support Employment For Students

Counseling and Career Development: Presenters – Shawn Fiala, Krystle Taylor, Melissa Pacheco, Rachel Stewart, Taylor Nichols

1pm-4:30 pm, Bixby 1

Session will cover tips and strategies for job development, connecting with employers, and building business partnerships leading to opportunities for students. As colleges are moving toward Guided Pathways models, the session will also address how DSPS counselors can support career exploration and assist students with identifying career pathways.

Admission: $50.00