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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Achieving Academic Success through Universal Design for Learning; Classroom and Institutional Considerations

ASD/ID:  Presenter: Jordan T Knab, Ed.S.

9am to 4pm, Bixby 2 & 3

Explore new avenues for reaching ALL students at your school and in your classroom by building innovative techniques into your instruction and assessments. This workshop will introduce the foundation and conceptual framework of Universal Design for Learning and its application in the postsecondary setting. This presentation will help practitioners who want to adopt UDL for their classrooms, and administrators and faculty who want to see UDL implemented across their institutions as a means to supporting the instructional needs of students. The presentation will provide some insight into key questions such as: How does an institution establish UDL as a school-wide (or district-wide) goal? What steps are needed to move an institution forward? How does an institution evaluate where it stands with regard to UDL and curriculum, instruction, assessment, instructional space, and technology? How do you form learning communities based on UDL? How can UDL help schools better meet the needs of students as AB705 is implemented across the state?

Admission: $55.00

$20 Food Voucher to be included in cost of admission

Combined WorkAbility III/IV & College to Career Meeting

Presenters: Scott Hamilton and Lisa Harris

9am-4pm, Bixby 1

This session is intended for WA III/IV and C2C staff, or others interested in the WA III/IV or C2C programs. WA III/IV’s and C2C’s are jointly funded and operated cooperative programs between the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and public community colleges and universities in California. WA III/IV and C2C use the combined staffing and resources of both agencies to increase the amount and level of services that students/clients with disabilities can receive above and beyond what students/clients could receive separately. When attendees leave this session they will have the most updated information on current issues, funding, policies and procedures, and best practices of the WA III/IV’s and C2C’s. The session will include standard lecture type presentation with PowerPoint slides, Q&A, and discussion groups.

No Registration Fee

Adapted Physical Education

Presenter: Jennifer O’Connor

9am-4pm, To Be Hosted at Cerritos College, 1110 Alondra Blvd., Norwalk CA 90650

APE CIG Business Meeting: This will be a full day of spending time with one another to facilitate the exchange of information among personnel providing adapted physical education classes, assessment and programs for students with disabilities at the postsecondary level.  We will discuss how to promote awareness and understanding of the benefits of physical activity for all individuals.  Most of all we provide support, encouragement and a forum for communication to adapted physical education professionals.

Lunch will be provided and served at the college.

Optimizing DHH Student Success through Collaboration and Accommodation

DHH:  Presenters:  Julie Bradley, MS DHH/ACCESS Counselor; Ryan Mahler, MA Instructional Specialist; Don Potter, Director of DHH Services; Dr. Jill Gold Wright, English Professor; Dr Kim Earhart, History Professor; Craig Webb, Earth Science Professor

9am-4pm, Nieto

Mt. SAC has taken a unique approach to support the learning needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Professors who teach DHH class sections as well as those who support the students and teachers in those classes will be present. We will focus on the teaching techniques used to accommodate potential language deprivation syndrome characteristics as well as weaknesses in executive functioning and a reduced fund of information. The DHH Peer mentoring program will be explained and discussed. We will share the outcome results and data of our classes and our future plans of DHH sections in every general education category. The afternoon will include deeper discussion of accommodations, widening the scope of practice of interpreters, and the costs associated with these classes/accommodations. We will compare our new model with the previous practice of students taking classes alone or in small groups. Advice will be shared on dealing with administration and funding issues.

Admission: $80.00

$20 food voucher included

Assistive Technology

9am-4pm, Bixby 4

Morning Session: 9-Noon

Sonocent Audio Notetaker Exploration

Strategies for managing the licenses, training students, creating workshops, building student mentorships, and transcribing audio.

More than a training, we will explore the software from A-Z. Bring your laptop with Sonocent Audio Notetaker and join in.

Afternoon Session: 1pm-4pm

Trial and Error: How Alternate Media Solutions are Discovered

Students come in all shapes and sizes. We never know who will walk through our doors asking for help.

The ingenuity and creativity of the Alt Media and Assistive Technology Specialists to find solutions comes from past experiences and deep understanding of how assistive technology works. Let’s put our heads together and use this collective power to find solutions through discussions and participation. Participant will explore, share, and discover solutions to common and not so common student issues.

Admission: $75.00

DSPS Regional Coordinators Meeting

1pm-3:30pm, Broadlind 1