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CAPED Scholarship General Eligibility Requirements

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These are general eligibility requirements for all scholarships. Please check each Scholarship Description for  additional requirements under “Eligibility Alerts”

If you meet the following criteria, you meet the general eligibility requirements to apply for CAPED Scholarships:

  1. You are currently an enrolled student at a California college/university
  2. You have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA as an undergraduate student OR a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA as a graduate student at a college/university *Note: some scholarships may require a higher cumulative GPA to apply. Check “Eligibility Alerts” on the Scholarship Descriptions page for restrictions.
  3. You have completed at least 6 semester units or 8 quarter units as an undergraduate student OR 3 semester units or 4 quarter units as a graduate student at a college/university *Note: unofficial transcripts are required for application to verify cumulative GPA and completed units
  4. You will be enrolled in classes at a California college/university for the upcoming fall term *Note: Proof of enrollment will be required upon acceptance of award
  5. You have a verifiable disability and you are a participating student in your college/university’s disability support program/office *Note: Disability Certification Form required for application, cannot accept any other form of disability verification

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