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CAPED’s Mentorship Program – Spring 2019-2020 Progress update

Author:  Lucinda Aborn, Ph.D., CRC

The CAPED Mentorship Program (CMP) continues for a fourth year.  CAPED recognized the need to support new Directors in the Community Colleges and secured a grant to fund the project in 2016.  Funding for the program is provided by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.   CAPED’s Mentorship Program (CMP) brings together the expertise of CAPED Leaders, DSPS Solutions/Interwork Institute and the Chancellor’s Office to provide the mentorship pairs with the most current resources, best practices and individualized support.

The CMP 2019-2020 has 17 Protégé/Mentor pairs who represent all parts of the state.  Mentors and Protégés are in contact on a regular basis to provide support and share expertise.  Meetings can be face-to-face, phone, Video chat or emails.  In addition, all mentorship pairs belong to an online community hosted in a Canvas course.  In the course site, other experts from CAPED, DSPS Solutions and the Chancellor’s Office join in the monthly discussions.

Activities– A variety of activities have been conducted since our “Kick-off” at the CAPED convention in October, 2019.  These activities have targeted training topics identified by the new DSPS Director Training Needs Assessment. The following provides an overview of the activities.

  1. Mentor/Protégé Pairs and Mentorship Plans:  The new Director/Coordinator (referred to as the Protégé) was paired with an experienced Director/Coordinator.  The Mentors and Protégés were match by similar size DSPS program and were from different regions of the state.  Each Mentorship pair worked together to develop mentorship goals and timelines in a formal Mentorship Plan.    The Mentor shares their knowledge and experience on Budget, Allocations, Personnel, and campus leadership.  The fourth year welcomes 20 mentorship pairs to the program.
  2. Monthly On-Line Topic Discussions:  A Canvas Online Course was established for all pairs to join.  Each month different topics have been discussed such as Leadership, Budget and Fiscal Management and Institutional Accessibility. The CMP Canvas course site provides regular contact with Mentorship pairs through discussion forums and lectures.  Each month new topics, questions and issues discussed by pairs and experts in the field. 
  3. “Legal Workshop” two-day trainingwas held at the Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA on February 27th and 28th.  Mentorship pairs convened with other Directors for presentations on What is a Qualified Student with a Disability, Service and Emotional Support Animals and OCR recent cases .  Mentorship pairs also had opportunities for to ask questions and become acquainted with each other at a hosted dinner.
  4. “Spring Training Session” will be held in May or June the day before the CAPED Spring “Drive-In” Training seminar in Sacramento, CAMentorship pairs will meet to gain formal training.  In addition, there will informal sharing and time for questions.  The location for the CMP event is the Holiday Inn Express/Airport location in Sacramento. The Spring “Drive-in” will be held at American River College in Sacramento.

CAPED Officers Council and DSPS Solutions/Interwork Institute have provided additional support for this partnership with the Chancellor’s office.  The data continues to show the value in continuous support for new DSPS professionals. 

CAPED looks forward to member support of the CMP.  For more information about the CMP, contact Dr. Lucinda Aborn, CMP Coordinator, 310.989.2656;