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President’s Message

February 25, 2021

Dear CAPED Members:

Here is your OFFICAL announcement from your CAPED officers! Thus far, we are still in discussions with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office regarding the dissolution of the Regional Coordinators. The Regional Coordinators have proposed a Statewide Advisory Committee to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, and we are waiting to hear back from them on the proposal and to follow up with another meeting. As an organization, our end goal is to ensure that students with disabilities are at the forefront of the minds of policy makers and Chancellor Offices (CCC, CSU, and UC) when interpreting policies and creating initiatives and practices for colleges and universities in the state.

In addition, the CCCCO has asked for a CAPED representative to sit on the Student Equity and Achievement Taskforce, and the President in collaboration with the officers have appointed Dr. Edina Rutland, President Elect to serve in this capacity.

VP of CIGS update:

  • Assistive Technology’s northern chair position is currently vacant. An election will be held shortly to fill this position.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s northern chair position is currently vacant. An election will be held shortly to fill this position.
  • Daniel Avegalio has been added as the northern Veterans chair for the Counseling, Career Development, and Veterans CIG. Daniel is the Director of DSPS at Sierra College.
  • Derek Allenby will now serve as the Career Development chair for the Counseling, Career Development, and Veterans CIG. Derek is a WorkAbility III Job Developer at Sacramento City College.
  • Malia Flood is now serving as the southern chair for Program Management. Malia serves as the Dean of Access and Wellness at Mt. San Antonio College.
  • Sheryl Kern-Jones is now serving as co-chair for the Learning Disability CIG. Sheryl is a DSPS counselor at Cabrillo College.

If you, or anyone you know may be interested in filling one of our vacant positions please reach out to Vivian Ygloria, VP of CIGS. She can be reached at

Website updates:

Please be sure to visit for updates on to the Executive Board (E-Board) and conferences planned. As promised, our E-Board meeting minutes are available on the website for your perusal. If you have any questions about the minutes, please contact Jennica Krause

CAPED Spring Drive-In:

The tentative dates of the Spring Zoom In are April 29th and 30th. It will likely be all day both days with morning of April 29th and afternoon of April 30th set aside for CIG meetings.

Annual Fall (In person) Conference:

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!! If you are interested in joining the fall conference planning committee which will be meeting virtually, please contact Julie Sedlemeyer at

VP of Committees Update:

  • CAPED Scholarships will be open April through August 2021
    • We have a meeting scheduled with the CSU Rep, Jodi Johnson, in mid-March to discuss                outreach to our CSUs
  • Elections for VP of CIGs and Treasurer positions will be open late-spring; more information coming!


We are seeking some fresh ideas on how to ignite some interest in the CAPED community to want to submit articles for the publication. We feel that the Communique can provide many insights into our world of post-secondary education, as it relates to students with disabilities, on how to better serve them by learning from our very own esteemed colleagues. In addition, share best practices for serving students with disabilities in a remote environment and supporting mental health needs of students during this pandemic. If any of you are willing to share some ideas to spark more interest, please email the Editor in Chief, Sofia Gianoutsos at

President Elect Update:

The CAPED Legislative Committee has been discussing the possibility of recommending a statewide DSPS name change to the CCCCO. Current Title 5 regulations specify the program as Disabled Student Program and Services; a name that does not seem to adhere to the People First Language Modernization Act of 2006. More and more California community colleges have been changing the name of their programs to shift the focus to access as opposed to disability. However, before we make a final recommendation, during our next meeting on March 12th, we will discuss the topic with advocates from Disability Rights California to understand the current legislative climate both on the national and state level. Special thanks to Catherine Campisi for shedding an initial light on their perspective and working on securing presenter(s) for our meeting.

CAPED’s Financial Situation:

COVID 19 was financially devastating for many businesses, as well as professional associations.

CAPED was not immune to the fiscal effect the virus had on our Association. Our Conference registration fee, which provides about 75% of our revenues necessary for funding our operating expenses. Without that revenue, CAPED finds itself with extremely low funds left in its operating budget.

In the spirit of being abundantly transparent to our membership, below is the plan that our Financial Committee developed in order to keep our Association solvent:

  • Use $30,000 from the CAPED Reserve Account (will be replaced if not utilized)
  • Increase General Membership fee $20 (for the next two years – will generate an estimated $13,000
  • Increase Conference fee $25 (for one year – will generate an estimated $7,000)
  • Request from a past donor the utilization of the Memorial Fund to pay for all the scholarships which CAPED offers ($10,000 savings to our operating expenses)
  • Provide a Virtual Spring Drive-in – 2-day Workshops/Seminars – (Hope to raise $7,500 through Workshop fees)
  • Hold a major fund-raising event for the Association (Raffle for a Trip to Europe – estimated $10,000
  • Other fund-raising efforts – Estimate $3,000

With these measures it is our belief that we will be able to stabilize our budget and continue to be the strong and essential Association we have always been.

Your support through attending the Spring Virtual Workshop in April and attending the October Conference in Lake Tahoe are essential.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in helping CAPED get back on track financially.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm Regards,

Nicole Smith, PhD

President, CAPED