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APE CIG Update, February 2020

Jennifer O’Connor, MS,. Cerritos College

The Adapted Physical Education (APE) CIG group met on October 12th, 2019 at Cerritos College for an all day workshop.  In the morning we were given a tour of Cerritos College Health and Wellness Complex, which included their new APE Fitness Room.  We continued the morning with a round table discussion that included: program updates, equipment being used in our facilities, new curriculum, and other topics that we had for each other. We did a six community college comparison so that we could see a big picture of what is happening in APE across California.   After a working lunch, Mike Bennett, from Saddleback College,  gave a presentation on the APE Budget and how money is allocated into our programs, which is helpful because some of us are housed in Disabled Services and some of us are housed in Kinesiology.  Our conversations continued to include what to do regarding the Community College APE Handbook.  This is a huge project and undertaking that we realize is going to take all of us to update.  It is universally accepted across the APE faculty the importance of an updated handbook, especially as a new generation of APE instructors are beginning their careers at various schools.  We also discussed the importance of CAPED membership and how to reach out to other instructors across community college campuses that may not know that we exist.  It was a great day and we are always thankful for our time together as so many of us are the only APE instructors on our campuses.